Study Permit Applications and Extensions

StudyApply assists you in the legal process of applying for, obtaining, and extending your study permit and student visa. Our team is licensed to be a legal representative and support you with all the student immigration processes necessary. 

We also support you in the process of writing your study plan, as well as editing and polishing it to get promising results. In addition, if you were to transfer to another institution, our team is able to help you with the legal process of changing your instituion. 

Study Plan Preparation Change of Designated Learning Institution (DLI)

Study Permit General Requirements

  • have an acceptance from an offer of admission to a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
  • provide proof of means of financial support
  • provide acceptable English language results (generally, IELTS Academic score of 6.5 is deemed the standard score to get offer of admission)
  • convince the immigration officer that you have ties in your home country

Our association with Golchin Immigration Services, a well known Immigration firm in North Vancouver, BC, helps us to provide students with any immigration support they need.