Canadian Colleges offer a valuable opportunity for students to gain practical knowledge related to their field of interest.

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Why choose a Canadian College?

Studying in college allows you to gain experience while studying. Colleges not only teach you theoretical knowledge, but also help to prepare you for your work force. In addition, colleges have smaller class sizes compared to universities, allowing a better communication with you and your instructors.

College’s provide program of different lengths and degrees. Immigration-wise it is highly recommended to choose a full time 2-year diploma program to get Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP).
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Canadian Education System and Colleges

Over 100 public universities offer about 1000 programs you can choose from! Graduating from a college allows you to earn a certificate, diploma or post-graduate diploma.
Canada is one of the lead nations in Research and Development allowing graduates to work in their area of expertise. In addition Canadian Institutions offer a variety of different scholarships to ease the financial burden on students. College graduates can also apply for a University transfer, making the transition to universities much easier for students..

A college class in Canada
Public and private institutions differ in many ways

Public vs. Private

Public institutions are subsidized by the government. Private ones, however, rely only tuition. Therefore private universities usually have smaller class sizes and less programs to offer. 

In Canada, students who graduate from a public institution are eligible for a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP), allowing them enter the Canadian job market after they graduate.

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Practical vs. Theoretical

Universities provide a more in-depth knowledge and lessons about various topics. Colleges, on the other hand, provide a more hands-on experience about your respective fields. 
Program lengths are usually longer in university, because theoretical aspects are emphasized more. Colleges focus more on the practical aspects, helping you prepare for working in Canada.

College students studying in a library
Arrival in Canada

Post-arrival Services

One of the main concerns of students and parents is the first steps they have to take in Canada.

We are well-aware of the stress caused from entering a completely new environment. That’s why we offer a collection of services called our welcome package which includes all the necessary steps needed to get our valuable clients going when they first arrive in Canada.*

* Extra fees will apply
Tuition fees in Canada

Tuition Fees

Tuition fee for colleges vary a lot for international students. There are multiple factors to consider. First, colleges usually charge tuition per term; thus, the longer the program length, the higher the cost. Region also plays an important role in tuition fees. Colleges in cities such as Vancouver and Toronto are more expensive because of the quality of life and the high demand for living in those places. Lastly, the college rank also is factor to consider regarding the costs.

Tuition fees in Canada
Canadian High Rise


Although some large colleges offer on-campus dorms for students, the majority college students live off-campus.
There are various options available for students. One of the services we provide is finding a suitable home-stay for students of all ages.* A home-stay gives students a chance to live with a Canadian family. This will allow you to learn more about Canadian culture and improve your English while residing in Canada. 
We also provide accommodation services for those students who wish to live alone.*

* Extra fees will apply
Study Permit

Student Visa and Study Permit

After getting your letter of acceptance form the your school of choice, it’s time to apply for a Study Permit.

Obtaining study permit and student visa is part of our services included in our educational package. These two documents are necessary for entering Canada, and for travelling in and out of the country. Post-secondary students with a valid study permit are eligible to work for 20 hours in Canada.

Study Permit

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