Canada is one of the best places for education around the world for students from elementary all the way to high school.

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Why choose a Canadian School?

According to Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Canada has the second highest rate of high school graduation. In addition, Canada ranks in the top 10 countries in the field of reading, math and science.

Canadian teachers are all required to have a bachelor’s degree, usually in Education. This ensures a quality education for all students in Canada.

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Canadian Education System and Schools

Canada’s elementary and secondary schools are supervised by their respective Provinces and Districts. The Council of Ministers of Education Canada also works with the provincial governments to maintain consistency across the nation.
Diversity and multiculturalism is also a key aspect of education taught in Canadian curricula. A thorough understanding  of the importance of multiculturalism is a key aspect of the Canadian values. 

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Public vs. Private

Public institutions are subsidized by the government. Private ones, however, rely only tuition. Therefore private schools usually have smaller class sizes.
Private schools must have the same curriculum as the public schools. However, the programs offered by private schools might be different. Most private schools inlcude boarding schools, International Baccalaureate schools and religious schools.

Tuition fees in Canada

Tuition Fees

For Canadian residents, cost of public elementary and secondary is free.

However, international students should pay an average amount of around $15,000 CAD annually. This does not include the cost of books, supplies, food and transportation services. Moreover, some schools offer sports or extra-curricular programs that may cost extra. 

Tuition fees in Canada
Canadian High Rise


Although some private schools offer on-campus dorms for students, the majority of elementary and secondary school students live off-campus.
There are various options available for students. One of the services we provide is finding a suitable home-stay for students of all ages.* A home-stay gives students a chance to live with a Canadian family. This will allow you to learn more about Canadian culture and improve your English while residing in Canada.

* Extra fees will apply
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High School Graduation

High School Graduation requirements vary from one province to another. However there are various programs that are known internationally and have a consistent curriculum around the world. Those programs include A-Levels, GCSE, and IB diploma. Those programs are recognized by universities all around the world. For more information book an appointment with us to learn more.

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Arrival in Canada

Post-arrival Services

One of the main concerns of students and parents is the first steps they have to take in Canada.

We are well-aware of the stress caused from entering a completely new environment. That’s why we offer a collection of services called our welcome package which includes all the necessary steps needed to get our valuable clients going when they first arrive in Canada.*

* Extra fees will apply
Study Permit

Student Visa and Study Permit

After getting your letter of acceptance form the your school of choice, it’s time to apply for a Study Permit.

Obtaining study permit and student visa is part of our services included in our educational package. These two documents are necessary for entering Canada, and for travelling in and out of the country. Please note that high school students with a valid study permit are not eligible to work in Canada.

Study Permit

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